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1. Ao Nang Beach

Ao Nang Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Krabi area. This area is lined with quality hotels and great restaurants that serve local cuisines. Limestone cliffs rise out of the ocean and offer beach-goers a truly unique vista. Despite being very popular amongst tourists, Ao Nang Beach still has enough room for the family to feel comfortable.


2. Krabi Emerald Pool

The Emerald Pool in Krabi is a great option for families who want to get away from the crowded areas and explore the natural wonders of this amazing area of Thailand. The hike to the Emerald Pool is short and relatively flat. Children and elderly individuals should have no trouble reaching this beautiful pool. Don’t forget those swimming trunks! The best part this pool is taking a dip.

3. Island Hopping

Despite having a wide variety of activities, Ao Nang may not be enough to keep a child’s interest for a longer holiday. Families travelling to the Krabi area should also consider taking an island hopping tour for a unique experience of the surrounding areas. There are many tour companies that will take entire groups from island to island on a private or shared boat. This is a great day trip from the beach.

4. Ao Nam Mao Outdoor Aquarium

The water off of Ao Nang beach is teeming with marine life. This part of the Pacific Ocean is rich in species of fish, crustaceans and coral reefs. Children don’t get an opportunity to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat as scuba diving and snorkelling may be too difficult. Fortunately, the Ao Nam Mao Outdoor Aquarium offers families an excellent opportunity to see this stunning marine life.


5. Rock Climbing

While rock climbing may not seem like one of the best things to do with kids, there are actually some great options in Krabi. The limestone cliffs in this area make for some great climbing routes. Their rough surfaces and naturally protruding faces make for easy climbing. There are many companies that offer climbing courses designed specifically for children.

6. The Shell Cemetery

Children love scouring beaches for unique and colourful shells. Krabi has a beautiful shell cemetery where families can visit to see all kinds of shells that are native to the Ao Nang beach area. These shells are preserved to encourage tourists to not bother the natural wildlife in the oceans in Krabi. Children will definitely include this among the fun things to do in Krabi.

7. Krabi Fun Park

The area’s fun park is one of the best things to do in Krabi with kids. Children love theme parks because of the rides, shows and food. The Krabi Theme Park has all of these and more. The park is catered towards tourists and has everything that travelers love about typical theme parks. The Krabi Theme Park is conveniently located near to Ao Nang Beach. Make sure to check out the kids club Krabi while you're there.

8. Bike around the town

Biking around town is one of the best things to do in Krabi with kids. There are many paths on which to ride, and there are several must-see places in the Krabi area. From beautiful parks to secluded beaches, there are some great places that can be reached by bicycle.

9. Night Market

Bedtime may have to be extended by a few hours so children have an opportunity to see the bustling night market. The sights and sounds of this iconic market will transport families to a different world. This is a great place to experience the local culture of the Krabi area while getting a chance to try local foods and buy handmade items

10. Stay in and Enjoy Hotel Facilities

Although there are plenty of fun things to do in Krabi, families often need a rest during a long vacation. Travelling with children can be stressful and tiring. Fortunately, there are enough hotel activities to keep the kids occupied while parents take a much-needed break. There are several kid-friendly hotels in the area. A typical family resort in Krabi will have a pool, an exercise centre and beach access.

With many kid-friendly hotels in the area, tourists should have no trouble finding a family resort in Krabi. Travellers are encouraged to call an Ao Nang beach resort today to begin planning a trip to this beautiful place.


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