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When looking for a great location for a wedding, many couples will only settle for the absolute best. It is critical to find a place that is as special as the wedding day itself. Krabi is quickly becoming one of the most popular wedding destinations in southeast Asia. Located in southern Thailand, Krabi is a coastal province that borders the Andaman Sea. Krabi is famous for the massive limestone cliffs that protrude from the coastline. The white, sandy beaches are contrasted by the surrounding green forests. Krabi should be at the top of the list for any couple searching for wedding venues.

When is the best time to plan a wedding in Krabi?

Southwestern Thailand experiences fantastic weather the entire year round. This is another reason why the area has become so popular for locals and tourists alike. Even during the winter months, the weather in Krabi hardly gets below 70-degrees Fahrenheit. Rainfall is common during these months as well. When planning a wedding in this area, it is important to find the best weather without suffering the crowds of tourists. Early summer and late spring represent the best times to find this balance of weather and privacy. During the middle of the summer, Krabi gets hot and crowded. The weather is still great for an outdoor wedding, but many couples wish to forgo the crowds of people.

What are some of the best locations?




























When planning a wedding in Krabi, there are countless locations from which to choose. The sheer beauty of the province makes it difficult for many couples to decide on one place. Fortunately, there are a few beaches that stand out as a wedding venue.

1. Ao Nang Beach

Ao Nang is one of the most popular beaches in the Krabi region. There are many resorts in this area that can host wedding receptions and even ceremonies. The beach is not far from the town of Krabi.

2. Railay Beach

Railay Beach is another great wedding destination. Nestled in between two mountains, this beach is only accessible by boat. This location is perfect for those couples who desire a lot of privacy.

3. Pai Plong Beach

Pai Plong is also an excellent location for weddings. It is located close to a resort and is not as crowded as Ao Nang beach.

4. Klong Muang Beach

Klong Muang Beach is a great option for couples wanting a space for their wedding. This beach features long, sandy beaches with a backdrop of lush forests. There are several restaurants along this beach although it is still somewhat remote.

5. Phi Phi Islands

Beaches located within the famous Phi Phi Islands offer some of the most picturesque wedding venues in the entire Krabi province. All of these beaches are only accessible by boat and may take special permits to use.

How to pick wedding packages

When planning a wedding in Krabi, couples must decide whether doing packages is the best option. A Krabi wedding planner will typically have a list of various wedding packages that are available. These packages will list the different services provided and their respective costs. When choosing between these packages, it is essential to keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, couples have to decide on a budget beforehand. This decision helps to narrow down the list of choices. A Krabi wedding planner will also want to know how many guests are expected. This information makes it easier to plan all aspects of the wedding. Doing packages is a cheaper option than paying for everything separately.

How to pick wedding venues

























While selecting a wedding package, couples will also have to choose a venue. The most popular wedding venue in Krabi is a hotel or resort. This option takes care of Krabi accommodation while also offering space for a reception and all other wedding activities. Many of these resorts will also have a private beach that can be used to host the wedding ceremony. For larger groups, there is a family resort in Ao Nang that can handle more guests than other hotels. When choosing a wedding venue, it is important to think about size and cost.

Cost of a wedding in Krabi

























Holiday Inn Resort Krabi Ao Nang Beach provides the perfect setting for you and your partner to start your new beginning. More than a hundred couples have chosen us as their wedding venue, a testimony to this magical setting. We offer number beautiful, private options for both your ceremony and post-wedding celebrations. The choose Thai or Western wedding ceremony packages at a very affordable price starting at THB 69,000 (USD 2,500) and the package includes:


  • Venue decoration of the arch full of flowers by hotel standard
  • Flower tray for the wedding ring
  • Master of ceremony for an exchange of personized vows
  • 2-tier cake cutting ceremony
  • A bottle of sparkling wine for celebration after the ceremony
  • Bouquet for Bride and buttonhole corsage for Groom
  • 2 Bouquet for Bride and buttonhole corsage for Groom
  • 2 bouquets for bridesmaids
  • 2 buttonhole corsages for groom-maids
  • In-room honeymoon decoration for the wedding night.

A wedding in Krabi will be significantly more affordable than a ceremony in some other countries. Not only is the dollar worth more in Thailand, but resources are also required less in this country. A complete package including a wedding photographer, planner, caterer and venue will cost only a fraction of what is typically paid in some countries!



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